Our Journey of Celebration and Creativity

Every great adventure begins with a story, and ours is filled with passion, creativity, and a deep love for celebrations. Join us on a journey that started with a simple idea: to make every party unforgettable. Discover how Epic Party Bags came to life, our mission to bring joy to your celebrations, and the dedicated team behind the scenes.



In the heart of a small town of South Woodham Ferrers, Essex, nestled under a canopy of vibrant balloons and shimmering streamers, lived a young dreamer named J Roberts. As a child, J possessed an unwavering love for parties that was nothing short of magical. From the moment the first invitation arrived in the mailbox, to the final notes of the party anthem, J was entranced by the joy, laughter, and sheer excitement that filled the air.

Growing up, J’s fascination with parties never waned. Each celebration felt like a cherished treasure, a moment when families and friends came together, transcending the ordinary to create unforgettable memories. It wasn’t just about the cake or the presents; it was about the laughter that echoed through the rooms, the games that brought everyone closer, and the shared moments that forged bonds that lasted a lifetime.

As the years passed, J’s love for parties deepened, and a dream began to take shape. J envisioned capturing the very essence of those childhood celebrations, the magic that brought families and friends together, and bottling it into something tangible. A dream that would allow others to experience the same joy and wonder that had filled J’s heart for years.

But there was a twist to this story. J’s family, like many, had experienced times of financial constraint. Yet, even in those leaner times, they managed to craft the most extraordinary party bags. His famly would collect old sweet bags, each one telling a story of its own, and transform them into works of art, filled with surprises and delights. It was a testament to their creativity and resourcefulness, proving that true magic doesn’t always require a bottomless wallet.

The local supermarket became their treasure trove, a place where J and the family would uncover hidden gems among the shelves. They’d scour the aisles, seeking out the perfect toys, and uncovering delectable sweets to fill those homemade bags. It was in those moments that J learned that the essence of a great party wasn’t about extravagance; it was about thoughtfulness, love, and the simple joys that brought everyone closer.

Years passed, and J’s dream remained a constant companion, growing stronger with each passing day. The dream was to create something that encapsulated the spirit of those cherished childhood parties—the laughter, the togetherness, and the boundless joy.

And so, Epic Party Bags was born.

With a heart full of passion, J embarked on a journey to share the magic of those unforgettable celebrations. It started with a commitment to craftsmanship, a promise to create party bags that would be more than just bags – they’d be an experience, a testament to the power of celebration and togetherness.

Each Epic Party Bag was carefully crafted with love, filled not just with toys and sweets, but with memories waiting to be made. Just like those magical parties from J’s childhood, they were designed to bring families and friends closer, to ignite laughter, and to create moments that would be cherished for a lifetime.

Today, Epic Party Bags continues to capture the magic of celebration, inspired by the joy and wonder of a young dreamer who believed that parties had the power to bring happiness to the world. And as you hold an Epic Party Bag in your hands, you’re not just holding a bag; you’re holding a piece of that magic, a piece of J’s childhood dreams, and a piece of the joy that continues to bring families and friends together.

For in every party, there is a touch of magic, and at Epic Party Bags, that magic lives on.

Founder J Roberts